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About the Morningstar Document Library

The Morningstar Document Library is a comprehensive resource for investment documents, from prospectuses to annual reports. By combining more than 20 years of data collection experience with advanced technology, Morningstar delivers accurate and timely documents to clients, enabling them to meet regulatory requirements as well as deliver excellent service to investors.

Please note that on Saturday, Sep 19th from 7am-7pm CST, Morningstar will be performing infrastructure and disaster recovery maintenance. While we anticipate little impact on the Morningstar Document Library, there will be periods of slowness or periods of time when the data retrieval via MDL call is not updated or available.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Morningstar's scalable global infrastructure is designed for performance, resilience and high availability. This infrastructure manages 22 online products, including, which handles peak loads of three million page views per day. With locations in Chicago, London, Shenzhen, and Sydney, our worldwide data centers ensure 24*7 business continuity for all of Morningstar's global users.

The Clients We Serve

The Morningstar Document Library is ideal for brokerage firms or retirement plan service providers that want to outsource costly document collection and maintenance. In addition to this web interface, the Document Library can also be private-labeled or provided through APIs. Advisors and plan providers can grant investors direct access to the library via their own websites, ensuring investors receive immediate access to key documents. Fund companies and compliance officers find it a valuable resource for current and archived proprietary and competitor filings.


Global investment coverage

Documents available within 24 hours of submission to the SEC

Seamless integration

Data collection expertise

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October 2008 | 4.6M

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Documentation Available

Annual reports


Form Adv I & II

Insider activity

Key announcements


Registration statements

Semi-annual reports

Significant ownership

Simplified Prospectus

Statements of additional information (SAI)

Summary Prospectus


New Documents In Past Five Days

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Global and Historical Coverage
Country Mutual Funds Equities
Luxembourg 55,985 232
Switzerland 46,256 491
United Kingdom 46,019 4,684
France 42,407 1,301
Germany 38,714 1,612
United States 34,867 29,926
Spain 34,547 441
Austria 34,452 184
Netherlands 28,399 417
Ireland 26,372 214
Italy 25,426 601
Sweden 25,032 1,062
Canada 21,899 6,573
Finland 20,957 247
Norway 17,018 564
Belgium 16,736 276
South Korea 13,814 2,217
Denmark 11,858 448
Brazil 10,390 905
Jersey 9,958 69
Portugal 9,580 161
Australia 8,572 2,854
Hong Kong 7,397 989
Japan 6,436 4,717
Liechtenstein 6,377 3
Singapore 5,599 941
India 5,493 4,859
Guernsey 5,136 67
Taiwan 4,778 1,998
Poland 4,688 957
South Africa 4,654 561
Chile 4,057 450
Mexico 3,567 247
China 2,877 4,469
Thailand 976 791
Israel 877 525
Malaysia 690 1,352
Cayman Islands 427 168
Bermuda 232 61
British Virgin Islands 134 24
Namibia 121 9